The global move to Mobility as a Service (MaaS), is well underway and is fast becoming the new way to move within cities, with freedom to ride point to point at the time of your choosing. To date the emphasis has been on car sharing and bike sharing, and more recently on stand-on scooters with a small motor and limited range.  


Boaz is offering a MaaS solution based on an innovative, smart, electric two wheel ride-on scooter/bike, designed uniquely for sharing and not available for retail purchase. With swappable batteries there is no time wasted waiting for re-charges. With turn signals and attached helmets users can ride with peace of mind.  


Boaz is specially designed for the 2 wheel scooter users to make city driving easier, more comfortable and convenient, faster, cleaner, cheaper and safer.  


Due to the flexibility and ease of parking Boaz Bike throughout the city, it will give personal transportation a whole new dimension.  


The ride-on 2 wheeled Boaz is the solution:

• Ultralight (frame - 40 pounds)

• Swappable batteries and zero emissions

• Rain protection • Attached helmets

• Easy pickup/dropoff with App

• Bigger wheels over bumps & cracks

• Onboard sensors provide geo-data for road conditions and traffic flows

• AI for dynamic pricing

• Proprietary and patented design and technology  



Texas Office

1510 Randolph St. Suite 202

Carrollton, TX 75006


T: 800-621-4016

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